Here we will list a few things you will hear often in classes with a brief definition. This list is a basic reference only, please see us in class for further details.

Ving Tsun - Also, Wing Chun. Just pronounce it Wing Chun.. it's easier for us Angliphones.
Siu Lim Tao - The Little Idea Form, the first form of Ving Tsun
Chum Kiu - Seeking Bridges or How to hit while moving, the second form of Ving Tsun
Bil Jee - Darting Fingers, the third form of Ving Tsun, sometimes an eye poke...
Dan Chi Sao - Single hand force exchange, a beginners exercise.
Seung Chi Sao or Chi Sao - Double Energy Hands, Exchange of force, incorrect: Sticky hands, you don't want to stick to anyones hands... that's gross
Lap Sao - One of the core drills, also a single hand technique, collecting or grabbing hand
Gor Sao - One of the core drills, refers to various sparring activities
Look Sao -
Tan Sao - Spread hand, Laying hand. Has the characteristic of elbow in and palm up.
Pak Sao - Slapping hand
Fook Sao - Submission hand. Elbow in, relaxed hand. Trains elbow for the punch.
Lan Sao - Barrier Hand. Elbow at 90 degrees, uses leverage to keep your opponent turned.
Wu Sao - Guard hand or Protecting hand. There's never enough of this one...
Jut sao - Stuttering hand. Used in conjunction with the rear hand, the lead hand drops hard, taking the opponents arm with it, while the rear punches through the clearing that has been created.
Man Sao - Asking hand or Lead hand. This one has a few different variations.
Bong Sao - Elbow up hand, Wing Arm.
Huen Sao - Circling hand.
Jum Sao - Elbow in hand, ready to strike.
Fak Sao - Whipping hand, chopping hand, you might say this if you get hit by one of these.
Mook Yan Jong - Wooden Dummy.
Baat Cham Do - Butterfly Swords, Blade of 8 Cuts.
Look Dim Boon Qwan - Long Pole or Dragon Pole.